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Effective Negotiation top 10 tips

goodidea_a150x1501. Do your homework. Preparation is the key to negotiation success. Learn as much as possible beforehand about the needs and interests of the other side in the negotiation. Of course be very clear on your own needs and interests first. The more information you have, the stronger you will be in the negotiation.


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links-ted is a great website if you are looking for inspiration or just to see great presentations and speeches on a huge range of topics by leading People in their field. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Creativity and Innovation – Idea Generation Techniques

bcc-1-300x110Vision Communication s.r.o. will be running in cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce an event about Idea generation and Creativity on 25th March 2015, 9.00 – 12.00.

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Book review

slideology_a150x150slide:ology – The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations (Nancy Duarte). Put simply, this is the best book that you can read if you want to improve your presentations. slide:ology covers the whole visual presentation process, from concept generation to delivery. Examples and case studies abound throughout.

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